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17th July 2015 / / Linux

This website is hosted on my own dedicated server (a kimsufi) and like every server, it’s getting regularly attacked.

To identify those attacks, I needed to add a layer of security to ban recurrent attempt, this layer is Fail2ban. It’s a widely known and recognized python script that analyses your log file to ban repetitive failed authentication.

As said in the previous post I started making extensions for MPDN, the media player.

One of those is the Update Checker. This is a small extension that check for new version of the player and new version of the Extensions. This update checker check for new update and let the use download them directly without the need of a browser. It does also run them after downloading them which make the update process faster and easier even for the less techy-user.

Lately I’m working on extensions for Media Player .NET created by Zach Saw.

Media Player Dot Net

MPDN is a modern extensible media player written in .NET (with performance critical parts in ASM/SSE2) featuring a fully integrated high quality Direct3D 9, 10, 11 video renderer that is equally extensible.

MPDN is best used with its open source extensions CustomLinearScalers, RenderScripts and PlayerExtensions hosted on GitHub. Please download from the download section of this post and install them appropriately to unleash the full potential of MPDN.

27th February 2015 / / Code

I forked couple of year ago a wonderful game on Pebble : MiniDungeon made by Jonathan Panttaja.

I really liked the game but thought it was lacking some variety in the monster and the level. I added first new monster, quite easily with the framework Jonathan created.

When Pebble moved to their SDKv2.0, the code needed to be updated, and I took the time to do so. Later on Jonathan took this migration and integrated in his code.

I can proudly announce the version 5.0 of the game !