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I always have been next to a computer since an immemorial time, my uncle passed me the “virus”.

I started my Studies in the University of Brussels (ULB) to finish them in Institut Paul Lambin (IPL), a Belgian College.

I’m pragmatic and I prefer the practice to the theory. The university taught me how theory is important but also can’t replace the practice. Moreover, I learned all the tools needed for critical thinking and assessing rapidly a situation. Moving to the IPL got me in contact with the code, with the possibility to practice more and have a better understanding of the state of the industry.

The ULB and IPL formed me yet I’m a self-learner, and nothing is better than code for me to understand the little details of a program. Considering that coding is puzzle solving applied in computer science, I find the code the best way to improve my puzzle solving skills. Some problems, puzzles, have been resolved in so many different ways, there is always something new to learn from it.

On another note, I have to admit I’m a gamer in my free time. I started very young with games like Command and Conquer Red Alert, Little Big Adventure, Monkey’s Island. Those are great classics but I pride myself on staying updated on the new game releases.

However, I do think mobile gaming is not to be put on the side. It is perfect to kill the time when waiting for a transport or anywhere where using a computer is impractical.