1. Timur
    12th June 2016

    Thanks for the AudioEndPointLibrary, it is awesome!

  2. Towi
    8th June 2017

    I’d like to request a feature that may be helpful for many users of SoundSwitch. SoundSwitch is currently not able to handle a change of devices. when moving in between work places.
    For example, when I start my computer at work, go home with my laptop and continue to work in my home office, then SoundSwitch will crash because the sound devices have changed.

    Thanks if this can be considerred.

    • Antoine Aflalo
      8th June 2017


      Are you by mistake using RDP to connect to your workplace computer ?

      If it’s the case, there is a bug opened here:

      If you could provide the content of “%AppData%\SoundSwitch” in a zip file when SoundSwitch crash, it will be very helpful.

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