What is MiniDungeon Extended ?

MiniDungeon Extended is a small adventure game on your Pebble Watch. The goal is to survive to the 20th floor of the dungeon and defeat the final monster there. In order to aid you with this task, you have a sword to deal physical damage to monsters. You will also find in the dungeon potions to heal yourself as well as offensive items to help take down the more powerful monsters.

While the app is running, once per minute there is a random chance of an event happening. You can end up finding a useful item, finding the ladder to the next floor, or being attacked by a monster. The farther you go in the dungeon, the stronger the monsters become. As you defeat monsters, though, you will also gain in power.

If you wish to pause your adventure, simply use the select button to enter the main menu. There is also the ability to turn off the vibration alert through the options menu.

Added to MiniDungeon

  1. When getting a next floor event, you have the choice to stay in the same floor.
  2. Minimum 2 differents monsters per floor.
  3. Better random in the event using a system of deck of card.
  4. Some performance tweak.
  5. Score calculated at the end of the game


This is clearly the biggest change, MiniDungeon is a, mostly, idle game. You just wait for the watch to tell you to do interact with it. Now with stamina, you are able to move through the dungeon yourself. You are given at the begin of the game 10 of stamina, each time you use one, you advance in the dungeon. The stamina recovers  X every minutes, where X is your level.  The limit of stamina you can gather is directly linked to your level.

Score Calculator

At the end of the game, a score is not calculated and given to the player. It’s possible that later on I implement a leaderboard online using Pebble.JS. I prefer to keep for now secret the formula used to calculate the score (even if it’s public in the source code).

Easy Mode

The easy mode is an addon of the extended version of the game. When activated, the player can choose to climb or not to the next floor, the limit for increasing stats is disabled (usually you can’t increase your stat more than your level) and when you die you can choose to continue playing from where you where. Keep just in mind your death are counted and will be removed from your final score.


pebble-screenshot_2013-12-11_20-31-20pebble-screenshot_2013-12-11_20-39-32 pebble-screenshot_2013-12-11_20-31-31 pebble-screenshot_2013-12-11_20-30-32 DragonScreen


It’s a fork of MiniDungeon made by  Jonathan Panttaja.


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