Organ defense is a multiplayer game where the player have to team to defend an Organ against different waves of virus. The provide different roles and different weapons that can be bought with the in-game money. That money is earned by killing the virus and surviving the waves. It’s a 4 players game, if there isn’t enough player, they are replaced by bots that will play the Healer role.


Organ Defence: Roles

Attaquant (Attacker)

He has a lot of weapon but he isn’t particularly fast.

Soigneur (Healer)

He’s weak but can heal other players and poison the virus.

Constructeur (Engineer)

He’s quite fast and can build cells that will heal the players or attack the virus. He doesn’t have any weapon and can only run/build cells.

Video Gameplay


  • It’s impossible to win, the players have to kill the maximum virus possible, the last created wave is impossible to overcome.
  • The player can use the in-game money to buy new weapon/ability.
  • The organ is getting attacked by the virus.
  • If the organ is killed by the virus, it’s the end of the game.
  • The player need to cooperate to survive the longest possible.
  • There is always the same waves coming.
  • The waves are getting harder and harder to beat.
  • There is different kind of virus with different pattern. Some virus will choose a player and follow him until one of the two dies.
  • Learning the virus pattern is the key to survive.


C++ and SDL


Linux and Mac


  • Antoine Aflalo
  • Antoine Dewilde
  • Harold Waterkeyn
  • Nils Fagerburg
  • Oleg Bogatchev


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Belphemur / Organ-Defence

Multiplayer game created for Mac and Linux by Antoine Aflalo Antoine Dewilde Harold Waterkeyn Nils Fagerburg Oleg Bogatchev