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JsonDB: New Array Feature – Last Item

I decided to extend the array features of JsonDB by adding a new semantic rule: The use of -1 to get the last element In the previous revision I added the support for Appending, I thought why not add a… Continue Reading →

JsonDB: Adding Append feature to Array support

[github-issue username=”belphemur” repository=”node-json-db” number=”11″] I never thought of it, but supporting an append semantic in the “jsonLanguage” I created is an excellent idea. After all this semanticĀ (array[]) is already used in other languages like PHP, why not implementing it here… Continue Reading →

JsonDB: Using Delete in array instead of Slice

I received an interesting issue about JsonDB not deleting correctly the index in an Array: [github-issue username=”belphemur” repository=”node-json-db” number=”10″] I thought using the delete keyword on an index in an array was deleting it (rendering its value undefined). In fact,… Continue Reading →


When I was playing with Node-RED, a flow management based on Node.js, I discover that I was needing a simple Node to save and retrieve information from simple file. I then created JsonDB and published it on Npm registry :

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