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Month March 2017

SoundSwitch Beta 3.14.0: Higher DPI

This version comes with an overhaul of the UX (settings menu, update, etc …) done by @FireEmerald. As you can see in his screenshot #169 there is a big improvement of the DPI of the application. Some changes in the… Continue Reading →

SoundSwitch 3.13.1: Localization and Fixes

Warning for Beta Users If you are coming from the previous Beta version, it’s possible your settings will be messed up for the Notification or even crash on Windows 7. Please delete your configuration located in %appdata%/SoundSwitch then restart SoundSwitch…. Continue Reading →

Fail2ban and CloudFlare

In a previous blog post (Fail2ban + Tarpit), I explained how to setup a Tarpit for Fail2ban to use it against the attacker that got banned multiple times. It works great especially in conjunction with WP Fail2ban, a fail2ban plugin for… Continue Reading →

SoundSwitch Beta 3.13.0: Localization and Update

This beta version contains two major changes thanks to @FireEmerald Localization Disable updates Localization You can now set the language of SoundSwitch, for now, we support French, German and English. When changing the language setting, SoundSwitch will ask you to… Continue Reading →

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