This beta version contains two major changes thanks to @FireEmerald

  • Localization
  • Disable updates


You can now set the language of SoundSwitch, for now, we support French, German and English. When changing the language setting, SoundSwitch will ask you to restart the program. Once restarted, you can enjoy it in the selected language.

Disable updates

This feature was asked multiple time, for multiple reasons I kept it on the back of the todo-list. Mostly to avoid getting users complaining about X not working, or X not there because they use and outdated version.
Now if you desire to disable the auto update you can, but keep in mind, I don’t provide support to older versions than the latest stable (or latest beta).


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Change Log

v3.13.0 (2017-03-04)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Improve french translation #158
  • Localization improvements #156
  • Ability to disable auto update checker #102

Fixed bugs:

  • Unable to launch on Windows 7 32bit: Universal C Runtime missing #155
  • Tray icon doesn’t update until switched #154

Closed issues:

  • Resolve AppVeyor problems #153

Merged pull requests:

  • Improved the multi-language support, this includes: #157 (FireEmerald)
  • Improved the update system to support three different modes #152 (FireEmerald)


Algo Hash
SHA-256 29e83a8f6c87fb338729a148ff0087919c72433fd4a9eb67bcea4e904b6094cc
MD5 73c7a484394131711567a4aa6fe93d9e