Year: 2014

5th November 2014 / / Code
12th October 2014 / / Linux
25th August 2014 / / Linux


I was using the Raspberry Pi as my wifi router, but I have to admit I reached it’s limit quite soon. Even with a good wifi usb dongle, I couldn’t get a stable and fast connection.

I then bought on Amazon a TP-Link WR841/ND, a small and cheap router but quite strong and that can run OpenWRT. It provide 4 ethernet ports + one for the inbound internet connection + Wifi n 300Mbps. You can find the complete information about the model on the wiki of OpenWRT.

The first thing I have done is checking the version of the router, I have the v9 meaning I won’t be able to use the last stable version of OpenWRT (12.09) but only the bleeding edge (from r40695). I can confirm that the last build is working perfectly well (Chaos Calmer r42263). Because of the lack of space left after installing Luci (the administration panel), I wanted to create my own image to build into the squashfs the needed packages.

14th August 2014 / / Linux
27th July 2014 / / Linux

I find Node-RED really amazing but the lack of being able to manage it as a daemon quite annoyed me.

I created an init script and a systemd unit configuration to be able to manage Node-RED as any service on my Raspberry Pi.

26th July 2014 / / NodeJS

When I was playing with Node-RED, a flow management based on Node.js, I discover that I was needing a simple Node to save and retrieve information from simple file.

I then created JsonDB and published it on Npm registry :

26th July 2014 / / Linux

With the release of the version 2.0.2 of LibreSSL I wanted to use it on one of my Nginx server to see if it’s possible to make them work together. After all OpenBSD’s dev said that it’s a “drop-in” replacement.