Node-RED init.d script and systemd unit

I find Node-RED really amazing but the lack of being able to manage it as a daemon quite annoyed me.

I created an init script and a systemd unit configuration to be able to manage Node-RED as any service on my Raspberry Pi.




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  1. Richard
    16th November 2015

    I had better luck with the auto install when running it this way:

    sudo apt-get install zip unzip
    sudo wget -O /tmp/download && sudo unzip -j /tmp/download -d /etc/init.d && sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/node-red && sudo update-rc.d node-red defaults

    • Antoine Aflalo
      16th November 2015

      Hello Richard,

      I admit I assumed most configuration came with unzip installed.
      But you’re right, the first step is needed if you don’t have unzip installed.

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