At work, I’m working on a reply-to system. Letting our user answer to email and treat those replies as messages in a thread. This feature is available on a lot of platform like GitHub, GitLab, etc … nothing new.

We were already using a docker image for MailCatcher (great piece of software), but I needed an IMAP access to test the retrieval of emails and their parsing.

Since we’re using docker in our development environment I went to the Hub to find an image containing an IMAP and basic SMTP server. After multiple try and fail, I found one based on exim + courrier + roundcube. It was nearly perfect.

Earlier I tried Rainloop as a webmail, and I have to admit this is the most complete I found online, I wanted that client instead of Roundcube for my mailcatcher image. I created my own image basing it on another Rainloop-nginx.

You can find my image with Exim + Courrier + Rainloop on the Docker Hub

GitHub Reposidget for WordPress

Belphemur / docker-mailcatcher

Docker Container for a catchall email service (useful for development)