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OpenAI ChatGPT and Whisper to generate recipe instructions from YouTube video

As everybody else, I wanted to see what ChatGPT could do. I love finding recipes on YouTube, but sometimes, a good set of instruction is better than the whole story of the recipe. Especially when I want to do the… Continue Reading →

Monitor your services for free

One of the main thing in DevOps is to monitor your services and be notified if they’re down. Through the years, I’ve been trying multiple different services for that purpose as I run multiple application like my blog, my dns… Continue Reading →

Gestdown: Addic7ed Proxy

Gestdown is a small project in C# and VueJS 3 made to provide an API and search capabilities to Addic7ed to find subtitle of your shows.

NextDNS: DoT and DoH provider for easy ADBlocking

Why and how I switched from homemade DoT/DoH to using NextDNS as my DNS provider and adblocker. Free, secure, easy, fast, and it just works.

CrowdSec and WordPress: A Scenario to block attacks

CrowdSec I decided to replace my good old fail2ban by CrowdSec. A nice crowd-sourced alternative where the ban don’t just come from your machine, but from the rest of the user of the application. It has so many advantages when… Continue Reading →

Windows Sandboxing and WinGet

Winget and Window Sandboxing to test your own winget manifest before submitting a PR to the main winget-pkgs repository.

.NET Core detection in Inno Setup

Code to help you detect if the wanted version of .NET Core is installed on the user machine when using Inno Setup and Pascal programming.

Update Pi-hole to v5.0.0

PiHole just updated to v5.0.0. A lot of great feature that you want to have access too like group management. However, you need to update your setup a bit to have it working perfectly.

Snapd taking too long to stop

Snapcraft daemon snapd can take too long to stop on Ubuntu 20.04. There is a way to force the service to stop faster using systemd.

Wireguard and Torrent on Linux

Setup Wireguard VPN Client on Linux to have only selected application having their traffic redirected to the server.

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