This version contains a couple of fixes for the installer and the detection of the correct VC Redist Version which has caused some user to not be able to install the program.

Also, I bumped the requirement to VC Redist 2017, it should resolve some other issues linked to not be able to change the audio device in Windows 10.

This version should correct the manual update process for people using Windows Classic Theme.

Lastly, the installer will generate a log file upon completion or cancellation, this is normal, if you have any issue when installing SoundSwitch, please attach that file to your issue.

I also took the time to update the code of the VC Redist detection for InnoSetup in my blog post.


SoundSwitch 3.15.1

Change Log

v3.15.1 (2017-07-08)

Full Changelog

Fixed bugs:

  • Can’t install vcredist with the built in installer provided by soundswitch #203
  • Hotkeys Alt+Ctrl+F11 bug. #200
  • SoundSwitch in Homeoffice/Office #199
  • Updater Progress bar crash with Classic Visual Theme #194

Closed issues:

  • High CPU usage because of “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation” process #198
  • Error popup when trying to install latest update #196
  • Branding version for GTribe #148

Merged pull requests:

  • Add VC Redist 2017 as dependency #204 (Belphemur)
  • Fixed a crash which happened if the user disabled visual styles e.g. with the ‘Windows Classic’ theme of Windows 7. #195 (FireEmerald)
Algo Hash
SHA-256 937a57e74c4d68bbbeb1fa0462bf1316af3bb937ce50b6690431114808e6e4c7