While I was working on SoundSwitch, I came onto the WinGet project by Microsoft.

Basically, a package manager for Windows made by Microsoft heavily inspired by the defunct AppGet.
Every time I release a new version of SoundSwitch, I should also to a PR at their main repository winget-pkgs.

Dark Mode

One part of the validation process is to test the created manifest, to be sure it installs the application correctly. This quite annoying to have to manually run the command and install my own app on my computer after I released it.

Thanks to Windows Sandboxing, I don’t need to install the app on my machine. But again, that mean I need to install winget, then manually run the installation in the Sandbox.

Thanks to a neat script found at Seb’s Blog I’ve been able to automatize the creation of the Sandbox and the installation of the application. I’ve modified it to work with the latest version of Winget.

The script