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This website is hosted on my own dedicated server (a kimsufi) and like every server, it’s getting regularly attacked.

To identify those attacks, I needed to add a layer of security to ban recurrent attempt, this layer is Fail2ban. It’s a widely known and recognized python script that analyses your log file to ban repetitive failed authentication.

21st January 2015 / / Linux
21st January 2015 / / Linux

In the last revision of transmission, I couldn’t get the user/password for the RPC of transmission work.

To resolve this problem, I decided to use Nginx as reverse proxy to provide an SSL connection and also a way to secure the access to the RPC and the web interface.

I compiled myself transmission and it’s installed in /usr/local/. In case you are using the packaged version of Debian/Ubuntu you need to change the /usr/local/ by /usr/.

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