Lately I’m working on extensions for Media Player .NET created by Zach Saw.

Media Player Dot Net

MPDN is a modern extensible media player written in .NET (with performance critical parts in ASM/SSE2) featuring a fully integrated high quality Direct3D 9, 10, 11 video renderer that is equally extensible.

MPDN is best used with its open source extensions CustomLinearScalers, RenderScripts and PlayerExtensions hosted on GitHub. Please download from the download section of this post and install them appropriately to unleash the full potential of MPDN.


  • Direct3D Custom Renderer via Pixel Shader
  • Option of Direct3D 9Ex / Direct3D 10 / Direct3D 11 renderer (some graphics card drivers work better with one or the other)
  • Fluid Motion
  • Supports 8- or 10- or 16-bit input and 8- or 10- or 16- bit output for maximum image quality
  • Various Pixel Shader scaling algorithms:
    • Hardware Nearest Neighbor
    • Hardware Bilinear
    • Bilinear (Pixel Shader)
    • Softcubic (w/ softness setting)
    • Bicubic (w/ sharpness setting, anti-ringing option)
    • Lanczos (4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 taps, anti-ringing option)
    • Spline (4, 6 or 8 taps, anti-ringing option)
    • Jinc (4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 taps, anti-ringing option)
    • Custom scalers (from GitHub – e.g. Gaussian, Sinc-Blackman)
    • Linear light scaling via render script
  • Render Script (Open Source)
    • Can be used to add post processing pixel shader files;
    • or write your own custom multi-staged scaler
    • or anything in between
    • Supports compiled assemblies (.dll) or plain C# text file (.cs)
    • Easily configured to behave like legacy pre-/post-processing filters (chain of legacy pixel shaders)
    • Or write your own chain script – if Downscaling, use X scaler, if Upscaling, use Y scaler, with or without linear light etc.
    • Choose from a combination of Shader Model 3.0 (Direct3D 9), Shader Model 4.x/5.0, DirectCompute (Direct3D 11) and OpenCL!
  • Player Extensions (Open Source)
    • Modify or extend MPDN
    • Supports compiled assemblies (.dll) or plain C# text file (.cs)
    • Examples on GitHub to remap keys / mouse events
    • Playlist support implemented via player extension
  • Output dithering (None, ordered, random with noise strength adjustments)
  • Deep color (10-bit and 16-bit) output support (read this first)
  • Improved chroma reconstruction [1] [2]
  • 3DLUT via render script
  • Fully integrated renderer (no .ax file to install)
  • Separate DirectShow audio and video graph chains
  • Each chain can be customized by adding postprocessing filters (e.g. AC3Filter, ffdshow, SVP)
  • MadVR style CTRL+J renderer stats
  • Volume control
  • Playback rate control
  • Audio track selection
  • Video track selection
  • Reclock alternative via the RateTuner player extension
  • OSD
  • Subtitle support
  • Subtitle track selection
  • Chapter selection
  • Full / Minimalist UI mode (or anything in between)
  • Close-source freeware with open source extensions


Certificate Software Certificate – Install this first. You only need to do this once.

Media Player .NET (MPDN) Installer – x86 Edition
Media Player .NET (MPDN) Installer – x64 Edition
MPDN Extensions Installer

Standalone / Portable
Media Player .NET (MPDN) – x86 Edition (MD5)
Media Player .NET (MPDN) – x64 Edition (MD5)
Media Player .NET (MPDN) – AnyCPU Edition (MD5)
MPDN Extensions Binaries
* If you are interested in modifying / customising the extensions (or make your own extensions), you should use the source version of MPDN Extensions instead

MPDN Remote Control Client by DeadlyEmbrace v1.2.0 (All releases)

Old MPDN Releases
All MPDN Extensions Releases