With the authorization of the original author (Jeroen Pelgrims) of SoundSwitch, I have taken upon myself to update and provide support for SoundSwitch.

I released the version 3.1.1 that contains a lot of major changes compared of the 2.5:

Before Installing

If you have already a previous version of SoundSwitch BEFORE 3.0, Uninstall it:

  1. You can see the version in the About page when right clicking on the icon.
  2. Launch SoundSwitch and uncheck the Run at Startup
  3. Go into Program and Feature and Uninstall SoundSwitch


  • [Major] New Configuration file for SoundSwitch in JSON.
    • [Fixed] Loss of configuration when updating SoundSwitch
  • [Major] Using AudioEndPointController library to gather available devices and switch the default device
  • [Major] Removed OneClick
    • Use Inno Setup as installer
    • Installer check for dependency and download them if not present (.NET 4.5.2 and VCRedist C ++ 2015)
    • Installer closes SoundSwitch automatically before updating (from this version and for the following)
  • Major refactoring of the class
  • The Settings windows contains ALL installed Audio Devices instead of the one connected
    • Added a close button in the Window
  • Run at startup use the registry
  • Updated Credits
  • Fixed a possible Exception when closing SoundSwitch
  • ContextMenu of the tray icon now update when new device are plugged in
  • Color code added to help settings a working HotKey for the HotKey Switch
  • Possibility to use the Shift key as part of the HotKey
  • Rewriting the HotKey system.
  • Audio Devices are sorted by selected or not in the Settings page.

Github Repository

GitHub Reposidget for WordPress

Belphemur / SoundSwitch

C# application to switch default playing device. Download: https://soundswitch.aaflalo.me/


Libraries used

One of the biggest change with the previous version is the use a of library I forked to access easily the audio devices of Windows. With this library, SoundSwitch doesn’t use the old EndPointController.exe to gather the list of Audio device and set the default one. I created a C++/CLI wrapper to be able to use it natively into C#. It was quite a lot of work for me since it was the first time I used this “language” compared to the barebone C++.

GitHub Reposidget for WordPress

Belphemur / AudioEndPointController

A Windows command-line program for listing audio end-points and setting the default


I’m providing an installer created with Inno Setup (the code for it is available in the repository). With this Installer creator I’m able to easily make an installer that checks for .NET 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redist 2015. Those 2 modules are required to make SoundSwitch works.

Download Latest version

SoundSwitch v6.8.1


  • Fixed a possible startup crash that impacted some users
  • Update languages
  • Add Korean language to the installer
  • Couple of small improvement to the profile feature

6.8.1 (2023-12-24)


  • installer: add Korean language to the installer (d30cdfd)
  • profile::icon: Check all device in profile for icon in systray menu (f354698), closes #1332
  • profile: Order by alphabetical when showing profile in the systray menu (58bec3f)


  • Croatian: Translated Settings using Weblate (04bf70d)
  • Italian: Translated Settings using Weblate (d62ee5b)
  • Portuguese: Translated Settings using Weblate (ce245db)
  • Spanish: Translated Settings using Weblate (e156252)

Bug Fixes

  • Startup: Fix possible startup crash (f841977), closes #1341

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