Here goes the new release 3.10.1 and why it took longer than expected to fix this annoying issue.


Because of a small bug in the installer, user that were using the “customer” version of VC Redist where prompted with a message asking them to redownload VC Redist. The problem was deeper than this because the link to auto-download the VC Redist Installer went down.

Second problem

Microsoft is providing is VC Redist using the HTTPS protocol and the auto-downloader plugin I was using for Inno Setup is not compatible with it.



I looked for a replacement plugin that supports HTTPS; it took me some time to understand how it worked and how to include it safely in my installer.

VC Redist Version

I reduced the minimum version to 23026 which is the last official build.


I’m now self-hosting the VC Redist to avoid any other problem with the link getting down. The user can still download themselvesĀ from Microsoft the VC Redist if they don’t trust the version I host.


SoundSwitch Olium: 3.10.1

Major fix of the installer for VC Redist 2015

Change Log

v3.10.1 (2016-05-22)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Support HTTPS download in the installer #99

Fixed bugs:

  • SoundSwitch install not working, VCRedist detect and download problem v3.10 Stable #98