We have now a new logo, thanks to @linadesteem for it !

You’ll see it on the website, in the README and as a new icon for the program.

Also, I’ve added a small but useful feature for portability. You are now able to copy your SoundSwitch configuration from one machine to another and the application will use either the ID of the device or its name to Switch.

In other words, if you change your machine but keep the same device with the same name, you won’t need to reconfigure SoundSwitch ! (or if Windows decide again to change the id of the devices out of the blue).

Change Log

v4.8 (2018-06-06)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Fallback on Name when Id not matching #283
  • Modern Logo for Soundswitch #277

Closed issues:

  • Remove duplicate trayicon file #281
  • Volume Bluetooth control unabled #279
  • How to test my forked Soundswitch-dev installer? #273
  • Crash on boot after motherboard change #251

Merged pull requests:

Algo Hash
SHA-256 b83f750de04ecbc5fac9ff56cccd15ae71e7be30cf68db905f189a9366f847b2