Thanks to @Niko-O, a memory leak should now be plugged. SoundSwitch was keeping all the different icons it encountered and never disposed of them.
I implemented a 5 minutes cache to avoid this.

Also, the Portuguese translation has been corrected, some typos found their way into the previous release.

Italian language is also now present in the application and the installer. Thanks to @bovirus.

Moreover, the language menu now list the language in their own language instead of English’s name.

Finally, a simple button has been added to easily disable any set custom sound. Very useful when using the Banner and you want to remove the sound you set previously.


SoundSwitch 4.5

Change Log

v4.5 (2018-05-12)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Add option to disable selected sound on device switch #261

Merged pull requests:

  • Maybe fix memory leak caused by not disposing Icons and Bitmaps. #262 (Niko-O)
  • Update ISS file (add Italian language) #260 (bovirus)
Algo Hash
SHA-256 64f1e4fc816199fde78689171519e62e3b1558994a3bc8a6abd5b556be7d05c8