SoundSwitch Toast 3.12.3: Keep systray icon

By popular demand, I add a new setting to keep the SoundSwitch Systray Icon from changing when the default audio device changes.

I also took the time to update the readme with new information.


SoundSwitch Toast: 3.12.3

Change Log

v3.12.3 (2016-12-08)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Setting to keep the normal SoundSwitch TrayIcon #128

Closed issues:

  • Hotkey to switch playback no longer works #130
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  1. nukecat
    8th December 2016

    met a little bug
    left click on the soundswitch icon doesn’t work.

    hotkey & double click still work though.

    reinstall the Previous version didn’t help,bug still there

    PS:should i post bugs here or on github page?

    • Antoine Aflalo
      8th December 2016


      Yes it’s better to put it on github,
      It’s easier for me to keep tracks of it 🙂

      You should also put in the bug report your version of Windows.

      • nukecat
        8th December 2016

        I post it on github

        And thank you for making this useful software?

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