I removed the debugging symbols from the installer, hoping it will remove the false positive from some of the Anti-virus.

The updater will now check for the Signature I’m using, to be sure you’re going to installer a trusted version of SoundSwitch. I’m the only one with the key, to give you an idea, it’s the same system that big companies are using to digitally sign their software.

Speaking of signing, the installer will also add the certificate of SoundSwitch in the trusted store. If you don’t want it, just uncheck the box at the end of the installation.


SoundSwtich Toast: 3.12.7


Algo Hash
Adler32 90f79605
CRC32 30e68745
Haval 9e5927505f630338e12bef0ee8fbf550
MD2 4ec48b22bf961147562af8e439c16b1d
MD4 07998c0e3c2005ad8b9fbffe2b643993
MD5 25b7e4d0d6f1f9df24d1e69aef79cf66
RipeMD128 7ceede2150c6ea8d75fadb4b13a0d1d2
RipeMD160 914a0220fec6f48c870d9dc49eed47b8a32aed11
SHA-1 d4f86715f868eef8c51b5d091d04e74063b8b9f4
SHA-256 01c6b407ed2d0baf95389c211a094fa6a9c5f034ede05451b383828a185a8d9a

Change Log

v3.12.7 (2017-02-14)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Check the update is signed with a trusted key #147
  • Make the installer install the certificate used by SoundSwitch #145
  • When stealth update is activated, don’t auto-update if there is an app in fullscreen #144

Fixed bugs:

  • Updater crash with Full updater and progress bar #83