I rewrote some part of the underlying lib that manages the audio device.
It should resolve the issue with Bluetooth devices and some other edge case scenarios with device getting removed/added.

I also added a link directly to the donation page in the installer. The pdb (debugging symbols) are now also part of the installer. This way if the application crashes, you should get a more meaningful error.

It seems Norton is not happy with this release. I ran a Virtual Total scan that returned negative.


SoundSwitch Toast: 3.12.6


Algo Hashes
MD5 1c34e1b837db11121bd2f99d577c551d
SHA1 4e187292844b32d49ede428986438ee088a4b7b4
SHA256 15fd5b65dc7661422d6883c06a038f2e45e46727c0f75f073cfa0450f53c5166

Change Log

v3.12.6 (2017-02-11)

Full Changelog

Fixed bugs:

  • Crashed when Bluetooth headphones connected #140

Closed issues:

  • Add donation url in the installer #142