A simple correction of a crash when using the Custom Sound and the banner.
This is now corrected.

Also I’m working on rewriting the inside of the program that takes care of the Switching. I’m going to base most of the code of the library NAudio for the audio devices listing and use my own for the switching.

This should help a lot with the different issue like #200.


SoundSwitch 3.15.2

Change Log

v3.15.2 (2017-11-21)

Full Changelog

Fixed bugs:

  • App Crash with MP3 file used for Banner Notification (works fine in Custom Sound Notification) #218
  • Invalid sound file make SoundSwitch crash #210

Closed issues:

  • SoundSwitch won’t launch #205
  • Crashes when remote connecting to machine using RDP #197
Algo Hash
SHA-256 d1574781088a37c7f8f98c84b649d3a060bbac5d567e30b545f8eba436087e05