I’ve taken the time to rewrite most of the core logic used in the Switching of Audio Device. All the code that interacts with this has been fully redesigned and re-architectured.

The purpose of this rewrite is to resolve the issue like #200 or #219 where SoundSwitch would freeze randomly and some of its features would stop working.

The lack of stability has been bothering me for some time, but going back in that old code isn’t as easy as it looks. I’ve cleaned up the C++/C# CLR library that I created to only do one thing: The Switching of default device.

Once that was done, I decided to completely base the listing of the audio devices and other sound related feature on the NAudio library. I was already using that library to play the custom sound and the notification sound. Now it’s a cornerstone of the program.

Also, you can now use the installer to clean up the configuration file of SoundSwich. Either when installing/updating it or when uninstalling it.

Algo Hash
SHA-256 b14444ddff45cc9b3855d262b7a4ce27534ff5d500b73f6d9c0232dd078af937


SoundSwitch Beta 4.0: Rewrite