This version should resolve most of the issue encountered with the previous 3.X versions where SoundSwitch would randomly freeze or stop working.

I rewrote most of the core application to be more lightweight and based the audio device listing code on NAudio library.

A new simple feature has been added in the installer, you can now delete the old configuration if you desire to do so when installing/updating SoundSwitch.


SoundSwitch 4.1

Change Log

v4.1 (2017-11-30)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Add choice in uninstaller to remove application configuration #216

Fixed bugs:

  • Settings crash when device don’t have a friendly name #225
  • Locking up on switch since Fall Creator’s Update #219
  • Application crashes when activating a bluetooth device – Win7 #217
  • Soundswitch crash on startup #214
  • SoundSwitch Freezing randomly. #200
  • New-Old Issue – Switching to Bluetooth Audio #166

Merged pull requests:

Algo Hash
SHA-256 6dfad55b32e8bb07d7e48dc86f44c052caadffd8612cef27e93f118a3f44edd2